Staying Happy As A Couple After An Affair

Infidelity has always been a displeasing act ever since relationship was invented. It sacrifices a person’s happiness and the people who are connected with them, like their family. Aggrieved party would feel the pain, experience low self-esteem and there will be long process of forgiveness.

The key is in making sure things go well for you both in the future and not giving her the opportunity, or inclination for that matter, to cheat on you again. But, how do you avoid this? Excellent question – I’m so glad you asked.

Remember the Root of the Problems You had Before

You yourself are not perfect, but as much as you can, you always want to be the perfect partner to your spouse, home-maker and all. There’s this constraint in time because you are doing two tasks at a time; taking care of the kids while cooking a great meal for the spouse, etc. Then, it would feel like a drop of a bomb once you discover his extra-marital affair. All the hard work is unappreciated.

This would be the best time to assess your relationship with your significant other. Evaluate your marital status. Don’t simply rely on how much time you have invested in your relationship. Give time to stay apart from your spouse. This will help you think of the most rational decision you will ever make.

Know your Next Move

Confrontation is for closure. Make an effort for good conversation, but you also need to avoid painful thoughts which could lead to violent reactions resulting to physical assault. If he seeks for your forgiveness, ask him if he is truly sorry for what he has done. Know when he is extremely sincere about his apology or when he is lying about it.
You can’t live without her to begin with; make sure to know all the truth that you need. From now on no secrets should be kept in your relationship for a stronger bond.

More importantly though it makes it infinitely more difficult for her to even consider straying again. It’s one thing to cheat when a relationship is in limbo. It’s another thing entirely to cheat when she knows that plans you have for the future and has been an active participant in setting those goals, making those plans, and working hard to accomplish them. It makes cheating an even bigger risk that she is less likely to take this time around.

Believe it or not you can get your ex wife back even if she has cheated and it just might be worth it. Here’s what you need to do to get started and make that happen for you: