Seduction techniques…The act of seducing women…and bringing them in.

The act of seducing women often seem like a mysterious topic to many guys some are wondering if it is even possible, some argue that love comes naturally. Yes! it may but I think there are things you also do to put your self in a better position to be loved if not how come some guys seem to get more girls then many other. I am not talking about rich guys, I mean any guy, some seem to get more girl than othersThis is seduction techniques and let’s look at the act seducing women, how easily you can get almost any girl to start liking you, just like that, get her to start making comment like “I just like him and I don’t know why” I have heard girl say that like a million times, or “I don’t really give people my number, but I am just giving you.”

Not anybody gets girl to cross another line but you could learn what works.There are ways to turn on women and there are ways to turn them off too. Have you heard them say thinks like “I used to like him, but he’s is changed. Ya! OK, Have you walked into a restaurant before and notice the girl was starring at you, or maybe another girl in your class or some girl in your school, she seemed suddenly interested in you, Yes, you know nothing or few things about seducing womenYou’ve scarcely known seduction techniques but this girl, she just can’t take her eyes off you, then one day you approached her, and was gripped with fear and those shaky attitude and just instantly every thing changed, she stopped starring as usual, like you turned her off, yes! you turned her off. sometimes you wished you were a bit bolder, but you just can’t help it, you always feel the same way around pretty girls, shaky and dumb brained, it happens to all of usIf we ever want to hit it when we want it and not get stuck with some old a**

Then we got to do a little re-engineering on our self. One major set back to succeeding with women is inferiority complex, not being confident, those “she belong to the upper class” kind of feeling, “I am too dumb to approach her,” and stuff like that.

Yes, I know you are looking for seduction techniques you are hoping on learning tips to seducing women. but if you don’t get this then that would be a hard journey.Complete success with women don’t just come. No, you got to work it out, you got to try and fail and fail and try again, shutting out yourself because you failed twice wouldn’t help matters, move gently, See Flirting Tips For Men

The sole aim of seducing women is to get a pretty girl for yourself the kind that would love you the way you want. What matters greatly is how you do it some guys want to buy gifts and send those complimentfilled messages about how beautiful she is and how you really want her to take you.First, get this, women are attracted to men, the first approach to seducing a pretty girl is by being a man. someone that would take them along not some one that would obediently follow them. this seem to be the sum of all thing about being “the man” this eliminates all that guys “Please take me attitude” to some kind of “hey, I want to take you. that being said, let’s move on.I said, stop begging her, start trying to take her that is the first seduction techniques, every guy comes begging but you came like a man.

Give those kind of impression like you can do without her, Yes, this helps a lot, if you want to get women to chase you, stop chasing them.

just stand like you care little, first they would ask why, then they would start chasing you. that’s simple but a hard thing to take.A pretty girl once said this “I loved him until he started loosing the man in him, guys hoped there are some kind of drug or somethingthat would get girls trailing their path, well the drug is out,the name? “toughen up”If you want to seduce women, learn self control, every other guy brings her into his room and try to kiss and touch her, Take her to a secret places, maybe your room or some other place, let her think your next move would be to kiss or touch her, talk a bit, hold her hand and walk out.

That a woman can’t anticipate your next move is attraction on its own.OK, there are lots of other guys. What gets a beautiful girl attracted to you is your unique character, that’s what gets them glued to you. That you’ve got control, That you are a bit mysterious, That they just can’t read you like other guys, that’s what gets you more girls that’s seduction techniquesMore about seduction techniques, See Attracting girls
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