May an Older Man Have Young Women?

I actually planned this blog post only for men at first, but I think that this topic is also of great interest to women.

Over and over again we hear the following malicious comment – mainly from women: “What a typical man! The guy got himself a younger girl! Another one who got caught by a mid-life crisis!” Far from it! A man who looks for a younger woman and seeks a relationship with her – whether a stable relationship or any other kind – is only doing what he has been programmed for as a man: And even further: His actions are very masculine and he just follows his natural instincts!

Strangely, men often have inhibitions to go out with younger women.

This is derived from the fact that women of their same age do not consider this an exactly proper behavior. The reason is quite simple: while he, as a man, enjoys the luxury of being attractive to young women at a high(er) age, things are completely different for women. In fact, if she is getting a divorce expecting to find lots of fun and sex and fulfillment with younger men, she will most likely be bitterly disappointed by reality. Of course there are a few exceptions in this, but they are statistically insignificant.

I am often asked by men, who have arrived back on the dating market after many years of marriage, whether it is okay to be interested in younger women. The answer is: Yes! This is not only perfectly fine, but the basic duty of every man! Because if a man does not find a beautiful young woman at least sexually attractive, then it is most likely that he has some bigger problems.

The fact that there are almost exclusively beautiful young women in advertising is not a mere coincidence: they attract men’s attention and link the product advertised to positive (and very sexual) emotions.

That’s the way things are. No more and no less. Of course there will be many readers who simply won’t accept this, because it is actually contrary to the opinion of some people in our society of today, but unfortunately this is a scientific fact that cannot be changed even by society’s changing morals. Therefore it is time for men to be masculine in this respect: Take a younger woman, if you have the opportunity to do so, because nature has designed you in such a way that this is exactly what you really want. Everything else is simply just social conventions expressing other people’s selfish interests to stop you for their gain.