How To Tell if She Is Interested?

We often hear on TV or in other media very “interesting” ideas on how men realize that a woman is interested in them: a moistening of the lips or an especially seductive glance over the shoulder.  On the other hand, crossed arms supposedly signify clear rejection. All this is of course absolute nonsense.

It is true that there are a variety of things that allow us men to read her interest in us: clear eye contact, especially if it is repeated, a smile, an “accidental” touch. These are very clear and unambiguous signals of a woman to a man in whom she is interested. The man’s job is now to start a conversation with her. How this works best, will be addressed however in another blog entry.

The most important signal, but one that is often overlooked by men is the following: She is still there! No matter whether you talk to a woman in a pub or cafe, or have met her in chat or are send SMSs or emails back and forth, the best sign that she is interested is the simple fact that she has not disappeared, and still responds, asks questions, etc.

Men have very big problems in this respect, because they do not know what a woman’s life -especially an attractive one’s- is like: she can pick and choose from a whole bunch of “applicants” (very easy to see in Internet flirtations). As soon as she thinks that the man she is communicating with does not have anything she likes, she can immediately turn to another one. In a club or cafe, or anywhere else in the daily life of even a mildly attractive woman, it is just the same. If a woman is not gone yet, then the message is quite clear: “I’m interested in you, so please do nothing wrong, so that I can get to know you better/can take you home with me!”
It’s that simple. Now we need to learn how to avoid the things that can go wrong.