How To Get a Relationship . You got everything you need

You got everything you need to create an amazing baby shower. You have the cutest mustache themed banners. You also printed out some adorable invitations for your friends and family.

Plus, you got some great gifts ideas and many fun baby shower games to play. But something is missing and you need answers….

You are an expecting mom and you want your best friend to throw you a fabulous baby shower. Aren’t you curious where this time honored tradition comes from? Do you think baby showers date back to ancient times? Many people ask themselves «where does the baby shower tradition come from?». You would be surprised by the answers.

Baby showers can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times and it doesn’t end there. This celebration spans an ocean of time, and why wouldn’t it? It celebrates an essential part of the human condition; BIRTH!

And that, is cross cultural and timeless!

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My husband and I are two of those people.

We also have to friends who are in the same boat. None of us want children.

I was watching Dr. Phil the other day and there was a couple talking about why they didn’t want children and their annoying mother who wanted Dr. Phil to convince them otherwise! Why do people think that the way they think is the only way? It frustrates me to no end when people are so close minded and opinionated.

There are many different reasons that we personally don’t want to have kids:

First we really don’t have a drive to have kids. We know people who have had the need to have kids since they were younger and as soon as they could they popped them out. For them they can’t imagine their lives without them while we couldn’t imagine our lives with them.

Now if we happened to change our mind along the way we will adopt. There’s no reason for us to add another kid to the world when there are many who are out there without a home. To us, ego is involved with having your own children. You want your blood, your name, your looks, your partners child…and on and on. Why not just have a child in your life for the sake of raising a decent human being?

Also I have to say we are selfish.

Not in a bad way though. We would give our left arms to someone if they needed it but we don’t want to be restricted in our lives when it comes to where we go, what we see, how we live and where we live. You can’t pick up and go with kids like you can without.

We don’t feel the pressure from our parents or friends or certainly try their best. The only reason I would want to have a kid is so that my parents could have a grandchild but that’s not even close to a good enough reason to have one.

I like kids. They are little miracles that are fun to watch and to learn from. I like to think that they are much closer to the other side than we are and that they are a lot smarter than many people give them credit for. I like that part of kids.
But another reason I do not want kids is because I don’t have the patience for them. I can’t deal with the tantrums, the crying, the disobedience and even just the constant energy.

I admit that I can’t deal with that and I won’t subject a child to my faulty and impatient parenting skills. I’ve seen enough mothers who should never have had kids in the first place and I honestly believe that there should be numerous tests passed just to be able to have a child.

Parents should be kind, patient, strong, knowledgeable, financially secure, well-balanced people. I strongly believe that.
If we had kids it would be for other people not ourselves and I’m proud to say that I stand true to my beliefs and needs and children are not in them.