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Why Your Penis Size is Not As Important As You Think it is When it Comes toI know that most men sit around and think about their penis size. At least that’s what it seems like by the popularity of penis enlarging websites.
Well, whether you do that or not you most likely take it into consideration when having sex with someone else.

You may think that if it is not big enough it will not impress her. Maybe you think that she will not be able to feel it once you get it inside of her. Maybe you think that there’s no way you are ever going to give a girl an orgasm with it because it is simply not big enough.

Here’s the truth. It really doesn’t matter.

First of all do you really think women want a penis the size of a horse? Do you think she looks at that and says «Wow, that’s going to feel really good inside of me.»?

Unless she is incredibly loose down there and she has no feeling, then a huge penis is going to hurt like hell. It will not feel like sex but more like torture that she has to endure for however long you can go. And even a few minutes will be too long.

Second, there are all sorts of positions that will ensure her feeling you once you get in there. There are positions that will make you go deeper and there are positions that will have your manhood rubbing against her upper or lower wall inside of her and she will definitely be able to feel it.


And as far as orgasms go, most women have their orgasms from their clitoris being stimulated. So your penis thrusting in and out of them is not going to stimulate their clitoris alone no matter how much you think it will.

Clitoris stimulation is normally done by oral sex or manually with your fingers.

Go look on a sex shop website and you will find vibrators made just to stimulate the clitoris. I’m assuming it was a man who made the big dildos that look and feel like a penis because they are not all they are cracked up to be.
Think about lesbians. They have amazing sex together, not just because they know what a woman wants better but because they know where and how to stimulate their partner – even though they don’t have a penis.

Your penis is what sets you apart from women and we do like to feel you inside of us but it’s not the be all end all of sexual pleasure.

If you are constantly worried about how you live up to other penises and obsess about it around us then instead of turning us on you are turning us off with your lack of confidence and the lack of knowledge to use what god gave you.
Learn how to please your woman the way she is begging for you to please her and forget about obsessing about your penis size.