How to Be Confident

Confidence is sexy.

No one can deny that one needs to be confident to attract women, and that confidence helps achieve success in other life stuff as well.

Given you are reading this article, I assume that you’re having trouble showing your masculine when talking to your crush. The lion you suddenly turns into a shivering kitty with cold sweats, stutter, and other shitty coward stuff. It’s time to get back your nut when facing her, dude!

To start off, imagine how a confident dude performs.

What can he do while you can’t? What’s he able to achieve? Now, put yourself in his place. What’s your feeling now?
By finishing this article, you should obtain first ideas on how to be confident around women. You won’t get nervous in front of them anymore. And you’ll be able to approach a random girl whenever and wherever.

Here’s how you can…

Improve your self-confidence
Before you can be confident around women, you need to respect your own values, that’s where confidence comes from. How you see yourself, how you believe yourself to be will be picked up by all the people around you especially women. It shows in how you talk, walk, move your hands and in all of other trivial gesture.

Start boosting your self-confidence right now with these below tips:

Remember the things you’re good at. What are your strengths? List them down. Read it loud every morning or when you feel again in trouble with your confidence.
Think about your past successes. Did you win, achieve an award, or do any good deed that you are still proud of? Try to recall those moments.

Embrace your passion. Engage in activities where you can lose yourself. Keep practicing your passion will boost your self-esteem.

Improve how you look. Once you’re sure you look awesome, you can’t help feeling good. You should dress well and clean all the time. Do some exercises or go to a gym. Gym may look a bit of overdoing, but it actually brings many benefits: more energy, improved posture, and more confident. Too busy for gym? Make time. NO MORE TIME for such EXCUSES.
Worry nothing like your effort will be ignored, women have instinct to recognize your growing confidence.
After those useful tips, here’s a step-by-step guild line to make you more comfortable around women…

Building your confidence around women

Remember to take small steps. It’s not that hard to know how to be confident eventually. But the key is you progress to the next level, so practice this or as frequently as possible. Start with what you’re not comfortable doing.
You can add the next one to the last achieved task. For example, at first you can hold eye contact then try to do that. After achieving the eye-contact thing, try next with smiling. And so on…
Eye contact.


Ask her about her weekend.
Give a compliment about her eyes.
Keep the conversation flow for at least 45 mins.

Once you’re able to start conversations comfortably, push yourself more and more with harder tasks, such as asking for a date or taking the conversation to a different level.
If you have female friends, it will be helpful when hanging with them more often. By that way you’ll get used to being around women faster.
Most guys can’t talk to girls because they afraid that makes her dislike them. If you’re in the case, change your perspective RIGHT NOW. You are the man. You have the right to do the choosing. You’re talking to her first to know more about her, to make sure she’s cool, not vice versa.
Don’t let your past failures disturb you. Instead, focus on next target.


Keep building your confidence

You’ll notice that this can take time. Well, there’s no shortcut to succeed such a difficult achievement.
It also helps to be positive. Look at the bright sight for most of the time. Assertiveness work on some people, not on all of them. Test and see if it works.

Confidence is good, don’t be over-confident, though. Lack of confidence is bad but over confidence is much worse. Be thoughtful of your actions and know your own limit.
After all, confidence helps you with a sole thing: unshakeable belief in yourself.
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