How To Avoid The Biggest Dating Mistake Men Make Did you ever have a classic date?

I speak about something where you picked the woman
up from her place, had to wait a bit until she was ready and than took her to an
expensive restaurant which you paid. Afterwards you drove her home to receive a shy
kiss at the doorstep. 100$ spend and all you got was a kiss. I guess we can agree
that this is nothing to be too enthusiastic about.

Now what went wrong here?

Why did you get nowhere in your efforts to seduce her with
the fancy date? The reason is simple: The classic date just does not work. The only
one who really profits from it are the restaurants – no one else.

It might surprise you that the above does not include the women.

You probably think
that this restaurant visit was exactly what she wanted and craved. But you are dead
wrong here. You taking her to a restaurant was a huge let-down. She was even more
disappointed and bored with it than you are. And you just getting a shy kiss was
your punishment for it. A well deserved one I might add.

What women want

What women really want is hot, sweaty sex with you with no strings attached. They
want to be ravished, taken and made love to until exhausting. I know this is
probably the complete opposite of what you thought. Most men thing they have to buy
or trick a woman into having sex with them. And that is the exact reason why so many
dates go nowhere.

Women love men – real men.

Real men that are not afraid to take charge and
responsibility for acting against what society thinks is appropriate. Men that are
not ashamed of their sexual desires. In short what women want is an alpha male.
Don’t get me wrong – an alpha male is not a jerk or a rapist that forces the women
into anything. Those are guys that lack true confidence and hide their weak egos
behind violent outbursts and controlling behavior.

Alpha males are in control and
are not afraid of anything, especially not women. They are strong and they know what
they want. They also respect and love women.

How to give her what she needs

Alpha men know that what a woman says is often not what she really means. Instead of
listening to her they observe her behavior and her body language. A woman that tells
you to stop without distancing herself should not be taken serious for example.

It is thus vitally important to break through her token resistance – not real
resistance – to show that you are in control. You take the responsibility and
establish the frame in which it is safe for her to express her sexual desire. Now
start being a real man and give women what they want and need.