How Far Can I Go on the First Date?

We are often faced with the problem of knowing what is really “allowed” on a first date and how far we can actually go with a woman, i.e. may we already kiss her on the first date or even take her home and have sex with her?

The good news first: EVERYTHING is allowed! There are no rules about what you can or cannot do on a first date. Because the rules for the meeting and its outcome arise from the course of the date itself: if it has developed in such a way that going from the pub to your home seems natural, then nothing stands in the way. Women are in fact much more flexible than men even can imagine.

However, most of us have difficulties just turning a boring conversation into something entertaining, let alone getting from sitting face to face to touching or kissing, and having good sex immediately seems to be an insurmountable problem for many men. The crux of the matter lies precisely here: because you think you may not have sex immediately, because you think that the first kiss is such an incredibly difficult thing, and because you have negative expectations for the evening’s outcome, the date will progress exactly this way.

Women are masters at reading hidden signals and negative feelings in other people

– i.e. it is almost sure that they will sense these fears or negative expectations and behave accordingly, placing seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the man’s way.
And the truth is that most times the man builds up these obstacles by himself! Women would like to be seduced and would even be ready to have sex immediately, but men make life difficult for themselves.

For this reason, dates where people say goodbye and go home alone with a strange felling in their guts and not satisfied at all with the outcome of the evening, are not just the exception but the rule. And even if it comes as a surprise for men: women feel exactly the same!

Only in the rarest cases is there a woman who simply does not want to have sex at all. Women want to have sex as much as men! But it is the man who has no idea how to avoid placing obstacles in his own way. How far can you go on a first date? Everything is allowed, you only have to avoid the obstacles that make it difficult for a woman to say “Yes!”