How Facebook Is Ruining Your Relationship

Have you updated your relationship status on Facebook?

Do you always check his activities to monitor if he likes a picture of someone of the opposite sex? Do you get mad when he doesn’t reply to your chat messages? Do you post shady status updates whenever you have a fight? If you answered yes, then, it is safe to say that you have been personally victimized by Facebook. It is true that Facebook was primarily created to connect with people but once it’s abused, it could easily destroy relationships. I’m pretty sure you’ve already witnessed a friend breaking up with his boyfriend thru Facebook. Check these out and see how Facebook plays a major role in ruining relationships.
Relationship Status

A lot of people are saying that your relationship ain’t official unless it’s Facebook official. It’s big of a deal when people change their relationship status from in a relationship to single or vice-versa. It’s like the world is going to fall apart. So, it’s okay if you’re together and you haven’t updated your relationship status yet because Facebook is not real life. If you truly love your partner, you should feel secure with each other outside of social media.

Adding Your Ex

Obviously, this could lead to endless jealousy and paranoia. Even though it doesn’t really mean anything, for sure your partner will start thinking of possible reasons why you added him on Facebook. Communicating with your ex in any form might lead to cheating.


Sharing all your milestones as a couple to your Facebook friends can threaten your intimacy and privacy as a couple. Enjoy some of your sweet moments together privately. When you start to get into fights you don’t owe an explanation to anyone.
Passive-Aggressive Status Updates
If you are mad at your partner, you shouldn’t use Facebook to air out your sentiments. Stop posting vague statuses because it could lead to misunderstanding. Open communication is the key to a healthy relationship.


When you’re still dating someone but you’ve already researched everything about his life you immediately assess the person based on what you’ve stalked in social media. That in itself defeats the getting to know stage of dating. Stop stalking him and learned to get to know the person slowly.