Happiness From Happening:

4 Simple Opportunities For Couples Let’s face it, keeping a relationship happy requires a lot
of hard work, and if you’re still together despite all the
odds, then kudos to you my friend, that’s more than just a

You have to admit though that at times, the
excitement easily dissipates in a new relationship and that
you feel like you can’t contend with the sad reality that
only a few lucky souls have managed to find”Destiny”(not
unless Destiny calls you up one day and tells you she’s not
coming back due to boredom, well don’t mind me, I’m jaded).

Moving on, infatuation, physical and sexual attraction is
nature’s way of allowing us to take part in the eternal
dance of man, woman and procreation – in the most basic of
instincts, it really is about SEX. After the first few
months of bliss, things will definitely die down but
hopefully, you rabbits were able to establish enough
connection that you can morph this heady feeling of sexual
urge into something more pure, one that is filled with

I believe that love doesn’t start during the
boyfriend-girlfriend stage but actually around 6 months
from the time you declared your romantic relationship. It
is during that time when reality sets in and emotions start
to settle down. Somehow, love has to kick in so you’ll
both be more than willing to work on your relationship to
make it stronger and to have it last.


I’m a pragmatist but I haven’t always been that way, I used
to be a romantic, hoping that some day, I could be the
Romeo to a Juliet. However, things don’t always go as
planned. I just couldn’t get a hold of Juliet because she
was either washing her hair, out with friends, was
studying, is working, is busy with mom, dad, baby sister,
cat, pet dog, pet hamster, and all strange bullshit you can
think up of.

So I tried figuring out what the real problem was and I
realized that perhaps I’ve been choosing the wrong women,
I’ll tell you about that some other time, I’m digressing.
What I did end up committing to myself though, was that
when my Juliet finally saw me, met me and took me in, I
would do everything to make her not regret that choice. I
guess my practical facet was also my romantic side because
I knew early on that this wasn’t going to be a walk in the
park; that choosing to be with someone was something that
we both had to work on continuously.

A good friend of mine once told me, the word happiness
comes from happening, which means, creating an event or
producing opportunities that can lead to happiness that the
both of you can share. Knowing that relationships won’t
always be fresh, new and fun, couples have to create
opportunities that they can both share and remember.

I know everyone can be busy and that things just have a
tendency to pile up so we can start with the simple things
in life. The great thing about making events for your
relationship is that they don’t need to be huge events all
the time. It doesn’t have to be a full production of full
weekend getaway or coordinating with the local home team
basketball court to get her name up on the large TV.

there was one thing I learned about women is that they are
emotionally broken, they are genetically defective in that
aspect, like a tea cup with a hole at the bottom where you
have to constantly tell them how much they mean to you and
I guess that’s why women talk more than men as well; they
need constant affirmation. So knowing this little bit of
secret, it’s good to keep on doing small things here and

1. Get flowers for no reason at all.

You don’t need to wait for your anniversary to get her
flowers. Getting a stem (because she’s the only one) or a
bouquet (because that’s how much you love her), it doesn’t
really matter so as long as you do something thoughtful.
Sure, times are tough but that’s the point, these things
don’t need much effort and add to the fact that there are
tons of online stores that will deliver! Heck, if you’re
reading this now, it’s probably that easy to click on a
site to order flowers!

2. Grab a bottle of wine and make a date out on a park!

It is a misconception that enjoying wine is expensive. No
it’s not. You don’t need an expensive vintage to enjoy it
with your lady (but at least make sure you don’t get one
that’s out of a box). When you come to think of it, it’s
not even about the wine but the company and being able to
spend the moment with her. Just get something you’re
comfortable with spending and that would be fine, she’ll
cherish you more for taking the time of preparing this for
her and a few months down the line, I’m sure she won’t even
remember what bottle it was you had – not unless you too
had such a good time that you’ve kept the bottle on your
cupboard as a keepsake. One thing you should know about
wine is that the best wine is really one that you enjoy and
not what other people tell you that you should enjoy so
don’t get overwhelmed with the thought of knowing what to

3. Share a delicate moment

Who doesn’t enjoy nice lingerie? It’s one of the few things
you can really enjoy together and it almost doesn’t matter
who buys it for whom but of course it’s always better if
you actually got it for her. One thing to really remember
though: get her the RIGHT SIZE! You don’t want to get her
something too small because she’ll think she’s too fat or
get her something too big because she’ll think that you
think she’s that fat. Scoot along to the hamper and make
sure you get the numbers right. Another thing to remember:
be sensitive enough to get her something that you’d think
she can feel sexy in as well. Sometimes, we tend to create
all of these fantasies in our heads and we go way over

4. Get your own custom shirts.

OK, I initially cringed on the thought of having cheesy
printed shirts but I figured it really starts with good
design but hey, if this is something that rocks the both of
you, go for it! There’re a few outfits out there that could
do this for you and it shouldn’t be too difficult to do.