Are You Really Too Busy To Date Or Is It Really Just An Excuse?

This month has been a hectic one for me. Between multiple business projects and some personal issues, I’ve been working day and night trying to get everything done before the holiday season rolls around. Because of that I’ve decided to take a short break from dating , something I do when things get like this, which thankfully isn’t that often. When I mentioned this to a friend, of course she said that was just as excuse. According to her, you can never be too busy to date. You can always make time for dating. But can you? How do you really know if you’re too busy to date?

According to dating coach Rachel Greenwald in an article on, it’s all about priorities.

If finding Mr. Right is a priority then you’ll make time for it. If you want a relationship finding a few hours in your schedule each week is a necessity.

You need to come up with creative ways to make time for dating. If you met Mr. Right tomorrow would  you have time for him?  Would you be able to free up time in your schedule if he were standing there right now? Probably? So are you still too busy to date?

But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes you really do need to take a short break from dating. If you have a major project at work that’s consuming all of your time, between meetings and travel, dating may just become another source of stress. If you’re moving, if you’re dealing with illness (yours or someone close to you), or  if you’re just starting or expanding a business. These are really stressful events in your life and may not be the best times to start dating.

Yes, there are times when even if Prince Charming himself fame knocking on the door, you’d make him wait. But like most things eventually things will pass or you’ll set up a routine and you’ll have your life and time back. So yes, there are times when you’re really too busy to date.

After thinking about it. I am too busy right now. At this point in my life finding Mr. Right isn’t a priority for me. I actually like being single and taking a break for a week or two or three,  isn’t going to be a problem. Now even though I’m not actively seeking out men to date, that’s not to say I wouldn’t be open to go out for drinks if the right guy came along. Hmm, Well I guess maybe I’m not that busy after all!