How Do I Impress Him on the First Date?

A good question for a first date evidently is: how can I convince him of my good qualities as a woman? The answer is easy: not at all! Because convincing means to get him to like me in a logical way with lots of good arguments, and perhaps to start a relationship with me.

Let’s turn the tables asking how a man can convince a woman to start a relationship with him? All alarm bells will go off for any woman in this case, because logic and arguments are not going to work at all in terms of relationships. Rather, a special connection is required; a feeling that he is the “right” one, or just a great guy, and this is something that cannot be achieved with logic.

It is just the same for men.

No man finds a woman attractive because of good logical arguments. There is a very basic psychological program at work here, which does not work by means of conscious persuasion, but rather by hidden psychological processes. We have already described what a man wants from a woman in “What Men Really Want!”: the more of these points are shown and the more facets are added to these points, the more attractive a woman will be for a man.

A woman can of course prepare herself for this and consider each one of these points, what her exact strengths are, and what things she has to improve in order to be more attractive. The claim that men have to love a woman just for her inner qualities is, of course, absolute nonsense. It is not by chance that youth and health are at the top the list of points.

In order to be found attractive by him, she needs to meet both, outer and inner attractiveness. What this means in detail will follow later in another blog entry.

Much smarter than trying to convince him is to present a real woman with a lot of feminine qualities in a covert way, so that he really cannot say why he finds her so incredibly attractive.