she is not picking my call i want to know the reason why is she doing this with me

i used to love a girl , we studied together in college during our graduation days.i used to like her and even expressed my feelings to her.but she was already in a relationship but i seriously din know about this.she at first rejected mine proposal but later on proposed to remain friends.thus my relationship with her started. I often use to call her sometimes she use to pick my calls and sometimes she didn’ between this she had breakup with her boyfriend I don’t know the reason why?then she got close to me and we started talking regularly.She helped me a lot of time even i did reciprocated in the same way.but she never accepted my love as a boyfriend.we remain as a friend for two years. We had many verbal fights in between this and it became more frequent during our last college days, because she din use to pick my call and nor she use to reply to my messages even after three days.This use to annoy me and i use to ask the reason for this and she use to say that she was not well and she was upset. 15 days back we had a verbal fight again due to same reason. Now i want to quit from this relationship. I am fed up with this attitude of her. I know she is not going to come after me nor i will do so.i am busy with my higher studies.but i wanted to know what happened at sudden that she stopped picking my call.I called her so many times but she din pick my call nor messaged me back. should i call her again. or should i forget all these things and get back to my work. I don’t want her any more but i want to know the answer.hope my question will be clear to you sir. I will be waiting for your reply with a great hope.
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