Picking Girls on streets…How to Get This Girl In My Street

This is the most effective way of picking girls on streets. Let’s say you saw a hot girl walking across you street, I’d rather behave like I am going the same direction with her, and then say something like, “Hey, what are you doing in my street?” Hope you are not one of those many girls that come around just to steal away handsome guys.

Then she says something like, “should that be your problem? Why not mind your business, I have a boyfriend. “Oh!” I would fire back, “that’s expected, most girls shiver and say anything when talking to me I thought you would be different”

This gets her looking at you twice like what’s with this guy. Wondering why I am sounding like a jerk, some people call it talking tough, I call it cocky-funny.

When you talk like this, you are trying to make her look like the one chasing you, you are turning the table around and that is a great first-step. If you really want to start picking girls on streets and being generally good with pick up lines, get girls however, whenever and wherever you want.
If you want to date beautiful girls, you must first walk out of those “please-help-me” attitude, you must quit begging her to be your friend. Learn how to lure them in

Stop giving women the impression that you would be miserable without them – but that is only if you really want to be one of the real tough few.

It is breaking a woman’s rules when you stand tough like you can do with-out her. This is the first thing you should know about pick up lines. If you want to date pretty smart chicks, put away compliments and bring on “confrontation” if you play it well you could end up exchanging numbers simple. But what if she sounded very tough and she never said anything.

Then it did not work move on, make another move, try another girl. I guess that is why God created so many of them pretty one. When communicating, never, ever start with compliments you walked up to a lady walking past your street and said; “hey, I’d rather you carry that bag on your head, it looks really heavy – talking about her handbag, I wonder what ladies carry in such handbags” you queried.

Now, you didn’t just walk up to her and say; “hey, your bag is too big why not get another,” that would sound tasteless and odorless. You actually said it in a more refined context, in a jesting manner you are invariably telling her she did something wrong, you are telling her she didn’t do something right, while using pick up lines, learn to the art of confrontation

Wait, If you get this, just this, you can shut down your system and go to bed – while picking girls on streets. Never, ever place a woman above yourself in communication or otherwise, making comments like- “hello pretty, you look really hot! I just wish you are mine,” (placing yourself below her) this is a simple statement that could ruin your whole evening. Get More About This on Cocky-Funny

Lets get some things right before moving ahead, if you want to be successful with hot girls, Learn to approach them standing on a higher level, or on the same level. Not by using boastful comments or exaggeration, learn to make them the one chasing you Check out Communication.

The best time to start picking girls on streets is now, try out everything and learn what works (a wise man once said that)

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