Pick up techniques

Pick up techniques are styles or different ways we could strengthen our pick up lines. they are just patterns that could separate you from the rest.

It is playing a bit of control and “when I want.” How do you say “give me you number, is it the normal “give me you number?” or is there a better way to make her want to do it, to make her see it as a must do.
Like when talking to a girl on the street and you are thinking of how to ask for her number, Normally it looks awkward to just say “hey, it’s time for me to take your number why not type it here.”

Confidence is one vital ingredient that is desperately required in every level of human association from human relationship to marketing, down to pick up techniques.

You’ve been talking to a beautiful girl for some minutes, then you told her you are going the other direction, then you made a turn, then returned like you forgot something, presented your phone and said “your number”

First, you wanted to leave her, (at least that’s how it seemed) then you returned. You almost forgot to take her number probably because you have a lot to think about, but you never did, you returned. making it look like an opportunity she should not reject. Ninety percent of the times she will end up typing her number.
This pick up technique works almost at all time, not only in the street, also in the club. Like when you are talking to a beautiful girl, then make a move to see some other friend then turn again and say “your number”

OK, I mentioned something. “to see some other friends”. Beautiful girls are always after the hot, scarce guys they always chase the busy type who probably has little time for them

why, because they assume (as much as it is the real fact) that busy, scarce guys are “responsible.” So when you are talking to a pretty girl, then take permission to see other friends. That’s a style she seldom see, hot girl are used to guys boring them all day with the stories of how beautiful they are, clinging to them without planning to leave

So when you abandon her to see some other friends, there is no stronger man than you.
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