Pick up Styles… The Perfect Pick Up Line

These are strategic pick up styles that could be used on different places to put that first buzz on beautiful girls. Contrary to what men made it seem, compliments push away girls while confrontation turns them on. Isn’t that absurd or at-least unbelievable?

Like when a lady steps on you, then turned to say sorry and you take it on “hey, Is this your way of attracting hot guys like me” you said, “why not step it up a little bit by buying me a drink, and you may end up getting me attracted.

Here, you did not say “hey pretty, how are you , I didn’t know I would meet an angel today.” No, that would push you to “friends list” but that’s on a good day, if you probably ended up buying her launch.
Many guy just keep on wishing she would agree or hoping she would finally decide to accept them, while others are building great relationships and dating the girl of their dream.

“Them” are always giving little. They think complimenting a girl will give them an upper hand, but it is not an interesting pick up styles.

This is what you inderictly said when you speak like the guy above, you just insinuated that she is the one chasing you through a rather awkward method. Now, this would amuse her, setting the stage for more talks.
Don’t forget that what turns pretty girl on is not compliments but confrontation.

You walked into a restaurant and discovered hidden the most beautiful waitress on earth, you could walk up to her, put on apron to help do some service, probably to pave way or buy her heart.
But really, more people do the winning standing on their feet not when begging on their knees. hope you got that.

Lets get it, sure, she is pretty, but you are not going to loose yourself over her. So you beckoned on her and she drew near and you said “how do you do this, serving the public and keeping your head,” you raise your eyes and continued, “by the way, I hope you are not being intimidated by my presents, most girls get intimidated listening to a handsome guy like me talk.”

OK, that’s a tough one. This is the basic ingredients in my pick up styles and generally communicating with girls. I think I have done this more than a million times and it never stops working. Have you said something of sort to a girl before, it gets them laughing, wondering and also thinking.

Use a sentence that suggest she is chasing you, but you are not easy. But you would agree if she tries hard enough, that is the main thing.

If you understand this main idea, you can be able to insert it to different situations. They are the main things that work, tested and accepted.

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