she likes me or using me

I am a teenage boy.I m with this girl for 10 months or little more. i like this girl a lot. and i am not sure whether she likes me or not or is just using me. at first she didnt told me that she already had a boyfriend, after some time ,i told her that i kinda like her than she told me that she already had a boyfriend but i didnt lost hope.after we started to know each other, one day i called her and she told me that she is going to breakup with her boyfriend and asked for my opinion.

and obviously i said yes .but still after break up she talked to him .texted him. when i asked why didnt she throws him out of his mind. she always said no its not easy.we always talk two or two and half hours a day and texting too. the time she was in a relationship we used to talk for an hour or more daily.i have gone out with her many times. she cares for me too.

i know her friend.some times she talks to me like i m every thing to her and sometimes like m nothing.she shares every thing with me whether personal or not.some days before i talked to her friend and she tils me they all already knew that i like her…

but i have no chance of winnig her..she said she wanys me to be with her as well….she told me her lucky day and said her i should propose her on that day….what should i do… she jst using me or likes me

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