How Do I Know That He Is the Right One?

One of the hardest things for women is to recognize whether he is the right one. Of course, every woman must be aware of what her right man looks like. Is she looking for fun only, or for a man to have a long relationship with? What qualities are really important, and how does one recognize them on a first date with him?

As a woman, you should first turn to your inner self and consider this question: what do I want from a man?

The answer is of course very different from woman to woman and not so easy to find, because – as we have seen in What Women Really Want those characteristics that women are looking for in men, often end up by standing in their own way. Am I looking for a Brad Pitt, then he won’t be the friendly providing kind of men I also want. Have I found such a provider, he will of course not be such an exciting chap, perhaps a little paunchy, when what I’ve been looking for all the time is also a good-looking man. Therefore, as a woman, when looking at the man in front of you, you should consider what you are looking for and how he fits into the picture. Not so easy, is it?

The first thing that helps is taking off those “pink glasses” and saying goodbye to your dream-man image.

The dream man is in fact exactly what the name implies: just a dream. He does not exist actually. To wait and to look for him is a strategy that will necessarily backfire, because by doing so, you are losing exactly what men are looking for in a woman (What Men Really Want), namely youth and health. This sounds pretty harsh, but unfortunately it works this way.

Who doesn’t know the frustrated single woman in her mid-thirties who is still waiting for her Mr. Right? If, as a woman, your thoughts about this matter are clear, and you also know what men are looking for, you can move out into the world in a relatively easily way and find the right chap for you. The closer you stay to reality – see the links within this text – and the more clearly you know what you want, the easier it will be.

How will you know that he is the right one, then?

Women are in possession of a really great tool to help them, one that they should also use: their gut feeling. This should of course not be taken as a strict rule of thumb so that the man is abandoned already at the smallest sign of a problem, but in case of more intense strange feelings, it will be time to turn away and look for another one. It is also helpful to think about the mistakes made in the past and to be quite aware that they shouldn’t be repeated. This sounds very easy but is in fact particularly difficult, because unconsciously one incurs the same stupid things again and again: we are simply human beings.